.....with love, sincerely Africa
While sitting in my kitchen on a dark and rainy Summers morning, I live in England so that is normal, I clicked through pictures on my phone that my extremely creative sister, @mandischoltzphotography took and I had an idea. I could bring a little bit of Africa to my kitchen to make the rainy days more cheerful!
On my next visit to South Africa, Mandi and I went to the local grocery shop and bought several big bunches of flowers and we started working on what would become Lavon Garling, Rhut & Rosi and Rubye Guzel. We tried to use fynbos in all the photos to make it uniquely African.
And this is how Sincerely Africa was born, I hope you enjoy our products. If you have any questions or want to use any of the designs at a wedding or other even please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be able to help with a bulk buy discount. 
All print photo's were taken by Mandi Scholtz (www.mandischoltzphotography.co.za).